• Painting for 18 Musicians limited edition print

    Prints of Painting for 18 Musicians are now available to buy in my shop
  • Painting for 18 Musicians

    A new painting about the possibilities of using colour to express sound.
  • Finished. Me, myself and a tiny brush. 

    126 hours Painting Lines.
  • Half Way Through

    Half way through the year & half way through a new painting.
  • Implicate Order sold out in first weekend

    'Implicate Order' vinyl record sold out in the first weekend! Thank you to everyone! 

  • Implicate Order limited edition print

    Prints of the 'Implicate Order' artwork are now available to buy on bandcamp. 
  • Implicate Order behind the scenes

    Creating my new art prints. DIY all the way.

  • D.O.T. Records

    D.O.T. Records behind the scenes.
  • Implicate Order record pre-order

    Nick Walters new album 'Implicate Order' now available for pre-order.
  • Implicate Order

    Latest artwork finished. My biggest painting yet.


  • 'Implicate Order' behind the scenes

    Some behind the scenes goodness for you. Making my 'Implicate Order' painting in my home studio in Hackney wick.
  • 'Active Imagination' by Nick Walters SOLD OUT

    The new album 'Active Imagination' by jazz trumpeter Nick Walters, sold out in just 12 hours on 22a Records.