• 'IMPLICATE ORDER' SOLD OUT in first weekend!

    'Implicate Order' vinyl record sold out in the first weekend! Thank you to everyone for their support we are over the moon! 

  • 'IMPLICATE ORDER' Limited Edition Art Print

    The little guys are live! Delighted to announce that prints of the 'Implicate Order' artwork are now available to buy on bandcamp.
  • 'IMPLICATE ORDER' Art Print behind the Scenes

    Fun weekend in my wee home art studio working on my new art prints. I've brought all production in-house baby. DIY all the way.

  • D.O.T. Records

    D.O.T. Records behind the scenes goodness for you! It's all DIY vibes here. sketches Nick & I did for the our new D.O.T. Records logo.
  • 'IMPLICATE ORDER' Record pre-order

    Congratulations to UK jazz trumpeter & composer Nick Walters & his new album with the Paradox Ensemble 'Implicate Order'. Limited edition record is now available for pre-order on bandcamp!
  • 'IMPLICATE ORDER' Painting, 2020

    Plants are getting taller, hair is getting longer & the paintings are getting bigger! Latest artwork 'Implicate Order' is now finished, & I think it's my biggest painting yet. 


  • 'IMPLICATE ORDER' behind the scenes

    Some behind the scenes goodness for you. Making my 'Implicate Order' painting in my home studio in Hackney wick.

    The new album 'Active Imagination' by jazz trumpeter Nick Walters, sold out in just 12 hours on 22a Records.
  • 'OVERTURE 1' by Ruby Rushton SOLD OUT

    Happy New Year! Absolutely delighted, 22a Music have SOLD OUT of the Limited Edition 7" Vinyl  'OVERTURE 1' by Ruby Rushton!
  • 'ACTIVE IMAGINATION': Nick Walters Album Cover

    Huge love & special thanks to Nick Walters & 22a Music. Delighted to see my paintings on the new album ACTIVE IMAGINATION.
  • Ruby Rushton Record Cover 'OVERTURE 1'

    Much love & special thanks to 22a Music. Truly touched to see my painting of these talented fellas on the cover of the beautiful new single 'OVERTURE 1' by Ruby Rushton. Limited Edition 7" Vinyl, 300 copies.
  • Painting Progress: Ruby Rushton

    New painting in September. Loved painting UK Jazz quartet Ruby Rushton. Plans being hatched for it to appear on the next release on 22a Records.