Half Way Through

Happy Summer Solstice! Half way through 2021 and half way through a new painting. I've been developing the themes of sound and vision that I worked on in Implicate Order. Another abstract painting, this one is based on rhythms of sound, exploring how rhythm and movement can be achieved visually, using colour and shape.

At 30x40" it is a labour of love, each line taking around 30 mins - I am getting quicker. Like most people, I've been listing to a lot of music during lockdown which has become a great source of inspiration for creating new paintings. The lines are based on units of sound within digital music, coming together to form a visual wave.

I've also been reading a lot on colour theroy, from old school Goethe to Hans Albers. Then putting these ideas into practice on the canvas, to see how the visual can speak to audible. Hopefully I shall reach the other side of the canvas before the year is out!

Lorna Robertson in her Art Studio 2021