'Implicate Order' behind the scenes

Behind the scenes goodness for you. Making my 'Implicate Order' painting in my home studio in Hackney Wick.
The new abstract painting began as a Still Life drawing of Nick's music space. I like to do 1 or 2 sketches to warm up, getting my eyes, brain & hands working together!

I used the drawing as a spring board & began experimenting with abstracting the composition into geometric shapes. I wanted to echo the 'real life' objects, while starting to move into a more abstract language. I did another drawing.

As I worked I was listening to new tracks by Nick, and began to use the music as the basis for colour in response to an instrument or sound. I worked up a small colour study, which would form the basis for the final painting. I scaled it onto canvas & the fun of oil painting began.

I carried on listening to the music as I painted the final piece, and set myself the challenge to translate what I heard into a picture. In the end, I'd say I let it be around 99% abstract, as there are little nods to the original objects - Nick's deconstructed trumpet in yellow; detaching strings & body of a guitar in pink; floating piano keys; circles of speakers; and red synth buttons falling away.