Implicate Order sold out in first weekend

It's Friday & the big day has arrived the new album 'Implicate Order' by Nick Walters and the Paradox Ensemble is officially released today! Thank you to everyone for all the support on the pre-order period & getting D.O.T. records off the ground.

We are down to the final copies of the hand stamped vinyl record & the limited edition art print! Last chance. We are full of gratitude for the support & encouragement from you lovely lot. The start of more music + art goodness to come.

Tune on our record player is The Underdog for your weekend vibes.

Sunday Update!

The 'Implicate Order' vinyl record officially sold out this weekend! Thank you to everyone for their support we are truly over the moon! There are art prints and CDs still available on bandcamp. That is pretty much a wrap now on this chapter, time for it to close and onto the next project.