Painting for 18 Musicians limited edition print

Painting for 18 Musicians

8x8" Limited edition art print

I am really excited to be releasing my new art print today! Going live for sale from 12.00pm, the new limited edition print of 100 copies, is of an original oil on canvas I made this year called 'Painting for 18 Musicians'.

Painting for 18 Musicians is about the possibilities of using colour to express sound - taking a deeper dive into the ideas that developed in Implicate Order, of visualising musical time, movement, and rhythm. Referencing the continuous curves of sound waves, and how a digital sound recording is split into tiny discrete chunks  (many thousands per second). Lorna explores her relationship between music and painting, how both art forms 'break' with the natural world and create a space for abstract, even spiritual thought.

A high quality art print on watercolour paper. With a beautiful texture that echos the canvas of the original oil painting. Each is signed, numbered and  D.O.T. Records stamped. This Implicate Order print is limited to 100 copies only.

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