Finished. Me, myself and a tiny brush. 

Finished! Wow. What a journey. The things I have learnt about time and patience creating this painting. When I began it around six months ago, I hadn't quite anticipated how long the process would take! I was full of excitement, raring to go. It became quite clear, very quickly, this was not going to be an easy win. My first lines were wobbly and slow. I had to switch to a smaller brush, which gave greater accuracy, but with a slower pace and needed time.
The driver in this was music. The piece is based on the idea that colour can be used to convey a sense of sound and rhythm. I listened to the music that I was trying to visualize on loops, Alice Coltrane, Emma Jean Thackray, Steve Reich. Listening to the beats, and trying to put them down in colour. 
In the end, each full line took around 1 hour to paint. There are 126 lines in total, bringing me to 126 hours of painting time! At times it was hard, but the experience was fascinating. Seeing the interaction of the colours as I laid them down side by side, deciding what was called for next based on a combination of theory and intuition. Six months later, here it is. 


Lorna Robertson in her art studio