Lorna Robertson Fine Art

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Lorna and I love painting. My favourite subjects to paint are portraits of people and still lives of plants in my studio. And I also love to turn these original oil paintings into limited edition fine art giclee prints.

I am fascinated with colour, and choosing the balance of colours in my painting is one of my favourite parts of making art. I love sitting down in my Warehouse Studio (a 1990s ex-factory in Hackney East London) with no fixed idea about how the painting will turn out. When painting, I enjoy allowing my intuition take over, making decisions about colours and shape as I go along, and letting it all unfold.

My favourite subjects to paint are inspired by the beauty found in our daily lives, our family, friends and homes. My time spent making art in my studio is a game of balancing form and tone, to create visual effects that are both harmonious and vibrant. I like hot red oranges and cool greens, and offsetting these against cool blue greys and a hint of purple.

I studied painting at art school in London at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts) where I developed a love for oil painting on canvas and heavyweight paper. I use the best current printing technology to make my limited edition prints, using high definition art inkjet machines, on Hahnemühle German Etching art paper.

When I’m not in my studio painting, I work at an art gallery and photography archive producing limited edition prints for other artists and photographers to sell. But without a doubt being in my own little studio with my oil paints is my favourite place to be!