No Words, Only Feelings, Part 1 (three)
No Words, Only Feelings, Part 1 (three)

No Words, Only Feelings, Part 1 (three)

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Original artwork by Lorna Robertson

8x8" oil on canvas painting

Painted by Lorna in her East London art studio

The No Words, Only Feelings collection, is a series inspired by the relationship of abstract painting and instrumental music, and how sound and rhythm can be visualized using shape and colour.

Juxtaposing deep yellow, red and blue, humming alongside their cooler toned counterparts to create their own kind of harmony – the colours and shapes are a nod to the aesthetics and ideas of the women of the Bauhaus movement. The musical touchstones drawn on to inspire the paintings, range from the compositions of Philip Glass to the spiritual jazz of John and Alice Coltrane.

The shapes and colours interact visually to stimulate and excite the eyes, as we follow them around the composition they push forward and retreat - creating a visual movement.

Signed on the reverse and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.  

Made from premium cotton canvas in the UK, using a 10oz traditional medium texture weave. Natural fibres and vegan. Tightly stretched over a sturdy pine wood stretcher frame. Painted using high quality artist oil paint and varnished. Packed flat in a strong box.

Ships out within 5 days.