The Pot Plant, Painting: Oil on Paper

The Pot Plant, Painting: Oil on Paper

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Painting: Oil on Paper.

From my ‘Paintings of Plants’ collection inspired by the many pot plants that I surround myself with at home. Gathered over the years, they have become a feature of my city life in London, living in flats and converted warehouses where plants gather onto window ledges and balconies. I wanted to convey the individual character of each plant, their lopsided leaf arrangements and vibrant natural greens.

This painting is of a Croton Plant in a terracotta pot. An evergreen shub with leathery leaves. Often with one colour at the top and a totally different one at the bottom.

Painted in a flattened modern style, each plant picture was painted in one day, using oil on heavy weight paper, using small flat head brushes. The composition uses a complimentary colour balance, making use of the plant’s natural green foliage and playing this against the red of a trunk or terracotta pot.

Paper size: 16.5 x 23.4"

The picture is unframed.