Portrait of my Brother

Semi Abstract Figurative Painting, Lorna Robertson Art

My amazing brother, Duncan Robertson, has started a disability rights campaign, 'Disabled People Need Bus Passes' which you can support by signing the petition on change.org. Duncan sat for his portrait with me last year and is now campaigning against the proposed changes to reduce the use of disability bus passes to only start at 9.30am and finish at 11pm. As Surrey County Council faced with financial constraints follow national policy.

As a disabled employee at Frimhirst Enterprises, this change will cause Duncan to choose between paying for bus travel or to be late for work to get the free travel. His concessionary bus pass allows Duncan to get on the bus easily like everyone else and ride to work on time. Duncan has made a campaign video, been on Eagle Radio and met a local politician at Surrey County Council. Their slogan 'Disability doesn't start at 9.30am' is spot on.

Thank you to everyone for their support!